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Description des matières premières

Legislative requirements
Normative-technical documentation TR CU 021/2011, TR CU 022/2011, GOST 31852-2012
Developed on the basis of GOST 31852-2012 pine Nuts peeled.
Sensory requirements the sensory evaluation
Appearance The nucleus represents the mass fraction of broken peeled pine nuts ** not more than 10%), normally developed
Color From ivory to dark ivory or dark yellow
Texture Crunchy, not viscous
Smell, taste Characteristic of pine nuts, without foreign taste and smell
Nutritional value in 100g of product
Proteins 15.5 g
Carbohydrates 28,0 g
Fats 56,0 g
Energy value 678 kcal/2839 kJ.
Physico-chemical parameters
The moisture content of the kernel, %, not more 4-6
Mass fraction of impurities, %, not more 0.7
Mass fraction of damaged peeled pine nuts *, %, not more 1.5
Mass fraction broken peeled pine nuts **, %, not more 10
Mass fraction of shriveled peeled pine nuts, %, max 1
Mass fraction of kernels belonging to different species and origin, %, not more 15
The presence of living pests (insects or their larvae) Не допускается
*Cleaned the pine nuts are not permitted visible to the naked eye living and/or dead insects and other pests, their metabolic products and moldy kernels. If necessary, use optical devices with the desired magnification. The use of more than 10 fold increase in the test Protocol.
** Including the share of nuclei.
Safety performance
CGB (coliforms) in 0.01 g Not allowed
Pathogenic M.O. in th Salmonella in 25g Not allowed
Mold, CFU/g, not more 1х10(3)
The aflatoxin B1, mg/kg, not more 0,005
The specific activity of cesium-137, Bq/kg, not more 200
Specific activity of strontium-90, Bq/kg, not more 100
Lead, mg/kg, not more 0.5
Arsenic, mg/kg, not more 0.3
Cadmium, mg/kg, not more 0.1
Mercury, mg/kg, not more 0.05
Aldrin Not allowed
Heptachlor mg/kg, not more Not more than 0.007
Hexachlorocyclohexane, mg/kg, not more 0,5
DDT and its metabolites, mg/kg, not more 0,15
Genetically modified organisms Does not contain
Possible allergens Idiosyncrasy
Packaging/Labeling/Storage/shelf Life
Packing/marking Pine nuts shelled (kernel) is packaged in vacuum packs weighing from 300g to 5 kg, or in bags without vacuum of 250g or 90 g, which are subsequently Packed in a corrugated box, net weight 1 packing unit of not more than 15 kg each packing unit clear marking in Russian and Kazakh languages in accordance with the TR TS, indicating: the name and address of the manufacturer, name of product, net weight, date of manufacture, shelf life, storage conditions.
Shipping requirements The product can be transported in covered vehicles in accordance with the rules of transportation of goods, operating in the corresponding mode of transport with the observance of the storage conditions.
Storage conditions In unopened packaging in clean, ventilated, not infected by pests and not having a foreign smell on the premises at a temperature not exceeding 20 ° C away from direct sunlight and at a relative humidity of not more than 70%.
Shelf life 12 months from date of manufacture, unopened, at observance of storage conditions.

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