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Frozen lingonberries

Quantité minimale de commande – 100 kg
3.00 €/kg

In 2020, our company decided to sell a new product – cranberries.

Cowberry, an evergreen shrub of the Heath family. High reputation is inherent not only in the fruits of cranberries. But also its leaves. Pleasant taste and vitamin benefits, one of the most significant indicators in the rating of usefulness and importance of the product.

When ripe, these are red shiny seeds, spherical in shape. Their size reaches up to 8 mm in diameter. Harvesting takes place at the end of August – mid-September. After the first frost, the berry becomes brittle and watery. It can even overwinter under the snow, retaining its useful properties. Only in the spring, the collection will be ineffective. And the transportability of the crop is broken.

The berry attracts not only with its sour and tart taste. It is also rich in chemical composition. Of the sugars in cranberries contains fructose, glucose and sucrose.

Acids: citric, malic, and benzoic. The latter is responsible for the function of a natural antiseptic. It is this chemical indicator in the fruit that contributes to the long preservation of berries. This is one of the most important tasks for the winter period. At the time of natural product shortage. Also, very small amounts have the presence of tartaric and salicylic acid. The total content of organic acids reaches more than 2.5%.

The berry contains vitamins - a, B, C, E. A and carbohydrates. The mineral composition includes substances: magnesium, manganese, calcium and potassium. They are responsible for a stable immune system. Carotene is also responsible for the health of the scalp and hair.

Nutritional value of cranberries:

  • calories 46 kcal – 3.23%;
  • protein 0.7 g-0.85%;
  • fat 0.5 g-0.77%;
  • carbohydrates 8.2 g-6.41%;
  • dietary fiber 2.5 g-12.5%;
  • water 86 g-3.36%.

The low calorie content of the berry is optimal for its use in the diet.

There are many options for eating cranberries. It can be Morse. They are especially useful at the time of colds. To make them, just fill the berries with water and put them in a dark place. At elevated temperatures, adding a couple of berries to hot tea will relieve fever and headache. And on a healthy day, cranberries will perfectly perform the function of a drink of vivacity. Cranberry berries are used for candying, making jam, marinade for meat dishes. It is also used for decorating confectionery products. Also use the fruit in its pure form.

Cranberries are also useful in the field of cosmetology: scrubs, masks, decoctions, potions and diet cocktails.

At the level of all the useful properties of cranberries, there are contraindications to its use. The main thing is not to abuse it. Otherwise, oversaturation of minerals and vitamins can lead to various pathologies in the body.

Cultural plantations with cranberries on the territory of Russia were founded in 1980. And the harvest rate on such plantations is 20 times higher, compared to wild thickets. From one hundred square meters, Russia collects more than 50 kg of berries annually.